The Wisest Man of All: A King or a Pirate

It’s graduation time, so it’s time for adults to hand out wisdom to youths that they care for and love. So here’s one that I’ve been handing out to many for several years. But it has broad appeal and not limited to youth. It’s even more applicable to all in the adult community.

King Solomon was granted a request from God to ask for anything he desired. Solomon asked for and received WISDOM. His writings can be found in the Books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes in the Bible.  Not to override God’s writings or to supplement His Words, I pass along this additional piece of superior man-made wisdom that comes from Jack Sparow, the infamous scoundrel-hero in Disney’s, “Pirates of the Carribean.”

“Wisdom? From a pirate, no less?”, you may ask?

Sparrow’s words are short, sweet and succinct. (Sorry–I have this passion for alliterations.) They apply to almost every life situation and person. Yet, I have consolidated his words into a memorable acronym (I also have this passion to “improve” things).  So, much to my children’s chagrin, this acronym and pharase have become a frequently-used household phrase to accompany our, “Have a good time,” “Drive safely,” and “I love you.”

Before I give you the punch line, please consider adopting this wisdom into your daily conversational playbook and also forward this blog’s link to your government representatives/staffs, family members, friends, colleagues,  neighbors and others who can take heed from Sparrows witty & wise words.

Sparrows words, “Don’t Do Anything Stupid” (prounced ‘styoopud’).

The acronymic improvement: DDAS !

Pass it on . Following this wisdom will go a very long way and make life better for all.

What wisdom would you recommend passing along during this graduation season?



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  1. Wonderful post! I feel like we have been living by Jack Sparrows mantra for many years (since that movie became a family favorite). My advice to pass on is follow your heart and your dreams. Just because something isn’t popular doesn’t mean it isn’t worth doing. If you are interested in something, take a chance and go try it! You only hurt yourself by not “expanding your horizons.”

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